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The Founding Fathers:

History Of 

The Gin Mill...

By: takingston 10.30.2011

In a town of Bridgeport 50 years to-a-day

Men gathered at a local pub and voted to play

Golf was the game, Gin Mill the name

9 holes – match play – 3 points was their aim.


Over 5 decades 3 fields of play

Westgate, Palos, and Oak Hills today

Champions have reigned and challenges met

Through 50 years the greens were fast, slick and wet


From banquet to weekends and Lake Geneve, Lilly n Powers

The men of Gin Mill partied for hours on hours.

Handed down from our Founders:

Gene, Sonny, Bob, and Norb


And member that kept the Gin Mill strong:

Moono, Lefty, Jack, Wally(doc), Briggie, Clark, Jerry,

Larry King, Corky, Uncle Ed, Albert, Tom, Bill, Ken,

Nick, Tommy, Tony, Joe Sr., Joe Jr.


Three generations of men 

Have come and gone…

2 conferences, 4 divisions

Gin Mill is 32 strong!


To this day we honor the code

Handed down to us 50 years ago:

Camaraderie, Competition, Sportsmanship, 

We say: In the game of golf on the Field of Play….


Norbert Gorecki


1925 - 1969

Sylvester Sendra

“Sonny The Barber”


1918 – 1979

Eugene Kingston



1922 - 2002

Robert Baker

“Boppin’ Bob”

1919 – 2013

Thank You To Our Presidents

  1. Sonny Sendra

  2. Corky Sliwinski

  3. Frank Klebba

  4. Tom Kingston

  5. Al Balcer Sr.

  6. Al Balcer Jr.

  7. Larry Broetsch

  8. Bill Bruton Sr.

  9. Tom Kingston

  10. Nick Pontarelli

  11. Joe Jasas Sr.

  12. Bruce Wisniewski

  13. Sam Baldassano



  1. Gene Kington

  2. Dennis Gorecki

  3. Clark Helka

  4. Rick Mazarka

  5. Bill Margalus Jr.

  6. Al Balcer Jr

  7. Ken Horzewski

  8. Steve Barczak

  9. Tom Delaurentis & Joe Jasas Jr

Thank You To Our Secretary/Treasurer
Prominent Alumni

Augie Lonardi

Steve Maceli

James Maggio

John Maselli

Rick Mazarka

Howie Mitchell

John Pagiohli

Karl Peters

Timothy Phelan

Dale Radaszewski

James Rappold

Edward Rzasa

David Santiago

Michael Shimmick

Tony Skokal

Mark Sorchak

Norbert Trojanowski

Carlos Villanova

Jeff Wiencek

Robert Yanz

Wally “the Lugan” Skoczylas

​​   Wayne Aces

    Roman Andrusiewski

    Matthew Balcer

    Joseph Basile

    David Bermele

    Mark Bermele

    Mark Berny

    David Bielawski

    Larry Brotsch

    Lenny Brotsch   

    Thomas Burton

    Patrick Degnan

    Ronald Delestowicz

    Matthew Dulkowski

    Vernon Eckert

    James Finucane

    Jack Hickey

    Kenneth Horzewski

    David Kamradt

    David Klebba

    Briggy Koren

    Chris Kusper  

    Kenneth LaPorte

    Chris Lappin

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